What People Are Saying :

“Our son Drayden has been taking Tae Kwon Do for two years. Through Tiny Tigers and now Karate for Kids, he has learned self-confidence, improved his manners and has made great friends. He loves Tae Kwon Do and can not wait for class each week. We have enjoyed our experience with Master Olford and his instructors. We feel as if we are part of a family”

– Terry and Lolette Tullos

“We started Samuel in Tae Kwon Do a year ago to give him some form of extra curricular activity. He has since then embraced the sport. It has built his muscles, memory, and given him more discipline and self- confidence. He enjoys the competition and his goal is to reach black belt.”

– Tambrey Daddow

“Michael Carroll, Jr., better known as MJ, has been a member, here at ATA, since August ’07. Before, MJ was having discipline problems at school and now he is more disciplined in all of his classes. He has developed self-control, which is what we, his parents, believe is a valuable trait for children. He enjoys competitions, graduations here at ATA, and he loves coming to class. He has been a much more positive role model for his little brother. He loves to share stories about his ATA participation and most of all his rank. He has developed leadership values and he tells us how he enjoys showing others his skills, especially to his little brother.”

– Mrs. Carroll